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Video: Blockstack Q3 Updates Community Call with CEO Muneeb Ali

Blockstack is a decentralized computing network and growing global ecosystem. After launching the Stacks blockchain in Q4 we are actively expanding our presence in Asia. We’re excited to build on the momentum from the Hong Kong Blockstack’s Decentralizing the World Tour stop with more efforts throughout Asia. Just this year, there have been 13 events in the region, reaching almost 1,500 developers.

We are pleased to be working with Spartan Group to expand Blockstack’s presence in the region. The Spartan Group, founded by former Goldman Sachs investment professionals, combines financial expertise with regulatory analysis to advise top decentralized projects in the Asia region. We’re excited to partner with them to co-host several events in Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and more. We’ll also work with Spartan to translate our technical material into local languages, get their help in hiring for Asia-specific roles, and maintain relationships with Asian investors, amongst other things.

Upcoming Asia Tour:

We have an Asia tour coming up starting end-April where we’ll host events and meetings in five countries. These events will feature Blockstack’s CEO and Founder Muneeb Ali, Brittany Laughlin, Blockstack’s Investor Relations Partner, as well as other Blockstack Evangelists and contributors.

Currently scheduled events:

If you’d like to hear more about upcoming events, please check out the Asia community events calendar.

We’re looking forward to connecting with you!

Brittany Laughlin

Brittany Laughlin

Brittany is Head of Strategic Partnerships at Blockstack PBC. She’s spent 6 years investing in blockchain and network effect businesses through her own firm, Lattice Ventures, and on the investment team at Union Square Ventures. A serial entrepreneur, she's built 3 companies, including gtrot which sold to Groupon. Her work focuses on the intersection of community and technology.