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Blockstack in Asia: Whitepaper Translations, New Investors, and More Events

Since Blockstack started, the goal was to make the project, the code, the community, and the opportunity to benefit from contributing, accessible to everyone. With the exciting step of SEC-qualification behind us, we’re excited to continue growing our global community, especially in Asia.


Over the past few months, members of the Blockstack PBC team, in partnership with Spartan Group, have participated in events and hosted meetups in China, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. We’ve met over 1,500 passionate developers at these events, and have benefited from community feedback on the best ways for us to support further growth. To build on this great momentum, we plan to host more events in the Asia region, including Japan, during the second half of this year.


Further supporting Blockstack growth in the region, HashKey and SNZ are leading a strategic investment round focused on growing Blockstack community in Asia. HashKey Group is a leading institutional investment group from Hong Kong. SNZ is founded by a group of individuals with deep roots in crypto communities. We’re excited to leverage HashKey’s and SNZ’s expertise in developer community growth.


In addition to growing our global presence, we listened to community feedback to offer more information and tools in your native languages. As a first step, we are excited to share that the Blockstack Whitepaper 2.0 released in May 2019 is now available in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish.

Blockstack Whitepaper V2.0 versions now available:

These translations come courtesy of collaboration between some awesome community members, thank you so much for your efforts in making this content accessible:

The Blockstack whitepaper 2.0 builds on two years of R&D work, peer-reviewed research, and presents a more detailed specification of our technology. The Blockstack whitepaper 2.0 updates the technical architecture and presents two new components: (a) the design of the Stacks blockchain and consensus mechanism, and (b) a new smart contract language that optimizes for predictability and security.

Going forward

Together with Spartan Group and our lead investors HashKey Group and SNZ, we plan to host or attend many events in Asia starting in September, including Meetups, hackathons, and key conferences. We look forward to meeting more of you soon!

To find upcoming events, please check out our community events calendar. You can also sign up to work with us on an event or to become a Blockstack Evangelist.


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Mitchell Cuevas

Mitchell Cuevas

Mitchell is Blockstack PBC’s Head of Growth. He previously led Marketing at UP Global (Startup Weekend, Startup Digest, Startup Week) before joining the Product team at Techstars. He curates the Martech Digest, advises at Cove Group, and runs ScreenChecker.