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Blockstack PBC Patent Pledge and Second Patent

Today, Blockstack PBC received its second patent. This is listed as U.S. patent no. 10,637,666 and covers ‘Migrating data for decentralized applications between disparate backend storage providers’. Blockstack PBC now holds two patents; the other is U.S. patent no. 10,601,829 for a ‘platform and associated method for authenticating the identity of a user in a decentralized system without need for a third-party identity service’.

Blockstack PBC was founded to create a user owned internet, an internet marked by true ownership and digital rights. Along the way, we’ve been fortunate enough to attract some of the best engineers and scientists. They have created exciting new networking and crypto technologies to accelerate what we call Web 3.0.

We’ve made these new technologies available on an open-source basis because we’re strongly committed to open innovation in the blockchain and software industries. We want the software and protocols developers for the Blockstack network to be freely available to anyone who wants to use the Blockstack network in any way. Anyone should be able to operate a node, send transactions on the network, or build a business. People should be free to extend, modify, and improve the open-source software for the Blockstack community and beyond.

Blockstack PBC has a defensive patent pledge that covers 100% of our existing patents (as of April 2020). This pledge goes beyond the broad patent licenses already included as part of our open-source licenses like GPLv3 and MIT. We believe this pledge reflects our mission and our values—to return ownership of the internet to you, the users.

Diwaker Gupta

Diwaker Gupta

Diwaker joined Blockstack after Dropbox, where he spent 4 years in a variety of leadership roles across Engineering. Most recently, he led engineering for Intelligence at Dropbox — a group of 30+ engineers, PMs and designers — encompassing Search Infrastructure, Search Quality, Machine Learning, ML Platform and new product initiatives. During his tenure at Dropbox, Diwaker oversaw major infrastructure initiatives and product launches, including a new search engine for Dropbox.