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Bounty From Arweave and Blockstack PBC: Clarity on SmartWeave

Earn $7500 by integrating Clarity and SmartWeave

Today we’re excited to announce Blockstack PBC is teaming with Arweave to host a bounty for enabling the Clarity smart contract language on Arweave’s smart contract protocol, SmartWeave. Both Arweave and Clarity take a unique approach to smart contracts and we’re looking forward to seeing what developers can do by combining the two.

→ Jump straight to the bounty on Gitcoin

The bounty asks hackers to build the mechanism needed for Smartweave contracts to be written in the Clarity language. This will be achieved by essentially building a compiler that takes a Clarity file, and outputs a JavaScript WASM bundle that executes the smart contract code when called. This type of ready-made virtual machine will provide a safer environment where developers can experiment with and publish smart contracts.

Clarity is a powerful and expressive smart contract language, and we believe that the more protocols that allow for compatibility the better. Many of the most notorious security vulnerabilities and attack vectors for smart contracts are eliminated by the nature of Clarity’s design. Clarity is also interpreted language, meaning that human-readable contracts are easily auditable and can be deployed to the blockchain with accessible syntax. Clarity’s decidability also removes the frustration of gas, block limits, variable transaction speeds, and other DevX nightmares seen in many decentralized networks.

“We’re very excited to see the SmartWeave ecosystem expanding so quickly and about the opportunities a Clarity integration will offer smart contract developers on the Arweave network.” – Sam Williams, Arweave Founder

The ‘Clarity Language Support For SmartWeave’ bounty will be available for an entire month with submissions due on October 7th @ 23:59pm PST. The bounty will pay out $7,500 to the developer with the best implementation.

The full spec for the bounty is available on Gitcoin and there are a few important Clarity resources available here. We’re also publishing a ‘Hack & Tell’ workshop with Arweave next week if you’re interested in learning more about the Gitcoin bounty, Clarity, or SmartWeave. Stay tuned by following @blockstack and joining #bounties and/or #clarity on Discord!

→ View the bounty on Gitcoin

Joe Bender

Joe Bender

Joe grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, receiving his Masters in Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh. After gaining an interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in 2016, he moved to New York City and joined ConsenSys to work on Ethereum. Joe joined Blockstack as a Developer Evangelist in April 2020, looking to spread awareness of the technology and empower developers to build powerful decentralized applications. His favorite thing about the blockchain ecosystem is the passionate, thriving community full of eclectic, ambitious thinkers.