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The Clarity Smart Contract Hackathon Has Begun!

The Clarity Hackathon has officially kicked off! Starting now, developers can submit up to 3 smart contracts for the first part of the hackathon, the Smart Contract Challenge. Later on, developers will be able to win for creating tooling for the Clarity language itself.

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With the Stacks 2.0 Testnet officially online, this is the perfect time for the ecosystem to rally around testing out all the new possibilities Clarity brings to builders of the user owned internet.

Smart Contract Challenge: May 14th – 29th

As part of the first challenge, developers will build fully-functional smart contracts ranging from standard and simple to unique and complex. The goal is for these contracts to demonstrate key features of Clarity and provide the community with a tangible first-look at what’s possible using the language.When the hackathon begins, you’ll be able to submit all different types of smart contracts and enter up to three times to earn prizes. We’re looking forward to the innovative ways you might deploy Clarity smart contracts and hope to see a wide range of contract types submitted.

Clarity Tooling Challenge: June 3rd – 30th

This challenge will reward you for building the most useful and valuable tools other developers can use with Clarity in the future. Clarity is a brand new language, so supporting ease and speed of development with things like visual coding tools, linters, and more will help the community and immensely.

In a nutshell, the Clarity smart contract language optimizes for predictability and security. It provides precise tools for enabling on-chain logic while reducing unintentional errors and eliminating whole classes of bugs. Clarity is a decidable, interpreted language, giving it a number of safety and security advantages while also making it much easier to reason about smart contract behavior, cost, and performance.

For a full introduction to Clarity, check out the documentation or the hackathon resources page.

Register via Gitcoin to receive some initial resources and to receive updates about prizes, judges, workshops, and submission instructions.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected] if you have any questions!

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Shannon Voight

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