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Combining Stacks 2.0 And Chainlink Oracle Technology Brings Developers New Smart Contract Possibilities

Blockstack PBC and Chainlink are joining forces to integrate Chainlink as the preferred oracle solution for the Blockstack and Algorand-supported Clarity smart contract language. Blockstack developers will soon be able to build sophisticated Clarity smart contracts that are enhanced with secure, validated data spanning millions of data providers, web APIs, and other off-chain resources thanks to Chainlink’s oracle technology.

Clarity was designed from the ground-up to be more secure, predictable, and reliable than other languages. It is a key aspect of the upcoming Stacks 2.0 upgrade and is already in use by developers in the Stacks ecosystem. The ecosystem of tools and integrations around Stacks 2.0 and Clarity continue to grow as an Arweave integration nears completion, and Algorand works to further support the language and future interchain communication. Integration with Chainlink is yet another exciting combination of technology and communities that is sure to unlock a host of new use cases and user experiences.

Integration work will begin right away, with progress updates provided throughout the process leading up to Stacks 2.0 mainnet launch, after which the functionality can be deployed on mainnet. The initial integration will revolve around integrating Chainlink’s widely used Price Feeds, but will likely evolve into a generalized oracle solution for Stacks 2.0. Both teams are committed to working with community to make Chainlink’s capabilities and the entirety of the Chainlink smart contract library available to users and developers in the near future.

Developers will benefit from the following capabilities once the integration goes live:

  • Access to Any API: Developers can use Chainlink to access any off-chain API, including access to premium, password-protected data, and credentialed enterprise systems
  • Secure Network Infrastructure: Blockstack applications can get highly available, manipulation resistant oracle services using Chainlink’s large collection of independent, Sybil resistant nodes and aggregating their responses in decentralized oracle designs
  • Flexible Oracle Framework: Chainlink is highly generalized, providing ready-made oracle solutions in production for market prices and verifiable randomness, as well as tools to build completely customized oracle designs and innovative privacy-preserving oracle technologies like DECO and Town Crier currently in the works

Muneeb Ali, Co-Founder of Blockstack, said, “Stacks 2.0 is a unique layer-1 blockchain that has a native bridge to Bitcoin. Clarity smart contracts give new powers to our developers. High-quality data feeds from Oracles are an important building block for Clarity contract developers. Given our familiarity with and knowledge of Chainlink’s impressive team and technology, we are confident that this partnership and resulting Chainlink oracles will advance our shared ecosystem.”

In addition, Blockstack PBC is hosting the Redefine Summit on October 16th, 2020, that Chainlink is speaking at. The event will showcase both organizations’ commitment to maturing the industry at large by setting the stage for thought leaders and project leaders to discuss the past, present, and future of Bitcoin, and the emerging DeFi landscape. Learn more and register at


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