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Developer Success: Highlights Q2 2019

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The Blockstack PBC team is relentlessly focused on helping developers make high-quality decentralized apps. This focus naturally covers developer tools, but also extends to the Stacks Blockchain, platform reliability, app funding, education, and community building. In short—you are the center of our universe, and we want to get better and better at making you successful.

This quarter was unique in terms of developer feedback and priorities:

  • We made ongoing preparations for our anticipated Reg A token sale, which meant prioritizing token related products, security, and stability.
  • Our Q1 developer survey indicated few blockers or major bugs, so we focused on long-term blockchain and platform upgrades (more details below).
  • The App Mining survey revealed frustrations with reviewers and policies so we implemented several changes throughout the quarter.
  • We made big strides on the Stacks Blockchain V2, smart contracts, and collections, that said these are large, multi-quarter initiatives and still in progress (more details below).

Here are some highlights from the last three months:

Clarity smart contract language

We released a developer preview of the Clarity smart contract language, with documentation and a Javascript SDK. With this preview, developers are able to get started with smart contracts in a local testbed. We are continuing active development of the Clarity language, so appreciate any issue reports, feature requests, and pull requests on our Github repository.

Stacks Blockchain V2

We continued work on the Stacks Blockchain V2 with the preview release of the Clarity language, the release of Version 2 of the Blockstack whitepaper, and continued implementation of the blockchain in Rust. We’ve implemented the peer to peer messaging network required by the consensus layer in our develop branch. Work on the wire format and data structures required for supporting light clients is ongoing (get excited for Merkle Trees!).


The blockstack.js codebase was converted to Typescript with a new set of reference documentation. We also implemented deleteFile and improved overall stability. We’ve worked on bringing the Android and iOS SDKs to feature parity with blockstack.js and eliminated shortcomings that hampered successful development of mobile Blockstack apps.

Platform reliability

We introduced end-to-end test automation for Blockstack Explorer. For the Blockstack Browser, we modified the automation test suite to execute in the cloud for in-repo builds and execute locally for forked repo builds.

Blockstack Explorer upgrades

We migrated from external APIs to internal data sources on the Blockstack Explorer, resulting in more performance and stability. This migration allowed us to add a new transactions page, that displays a history of Stacks transactions.

Stacks Wallet upgrades

In version 3.0 of the Stacks wallet, we added software-only functionality so that hardware wallets are no longer required for transactions. This added functionality increases the range of options available for users when creating a new Stacks wallet. and redesign

We redesigned to reflect all the progress we’ve made over the past year and serve as a better introduction to our technology, ecosystem, and community. was redesigned as an introduction to our anticipated token offering.

Community events
  • The Blockstack team spoke at 26 meetups, 16 conferences, 11 webinars, 2 AMA’s internationally and participated in 30 hackathons. We also partnered with Major League Hacking for a 23 school hackathon tour. Outside of MLH, we participated in 7 notable hackathons such at Stanford’s Treehacks hackathon and Bitcoin Games.
  • We announced the latest Blockstack Summit, in San Francisco happening on October 23, featuring Neal Stephenson, Naval Ravikant, Elizabeth Stark, and Dave Morin.
  • We partnered with Devpost, Lightning Labs, Product Hunt, and to hold the Can’t Be Evil contest which encouraged new app development – winners to be announced by mid-July!Come meet the Blockstack team at these upcoming events and webinars.
App Mining

Our team focused on solving reviewer and policy challenges while working with our community of App Miners. A full list of program changes is available in the App Mining repo. Here is a summary of the high-impact improvements in Q2:

  • Partnered with Awario, the new awareness app reviewer.
  • Allowed App Miners to define specific target-users for TryMyUI testing.
  • Increased to 10 user testing sessions for the TryMyUI scores.
  • Paused voting on the investor community reviewer, Democracy Earth.
  • Added an audit period so the community can help verify rankings.

All the credit goes to our Engineering, Product, Design, and Growth teams—I’m honored to highlight their great work for you, our developer community.

As always, we welcome your feedback. It would be incredibly helpful if you could complete the survey below. This is the primary way we measure our progress and your answers directly feed into our priorities for next quarter.

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Jeff Domke

Jeff Domke

Jeff leads product at Blockstack. Previously he was CPO and the first hire at CompStak (real estate analytics) where he helped grow the user base 125x, hire 50 team members, and raise 22M in funding. He also previously cofounded Signal (CX analytics) and (consumer messaging).