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Freehold: The Benefit to Belonging, Empowering The Stacks Community

It’s officially time to welcome Freehold to the Stacks Ecosystem. As we forge ahead building a user-owned internet, Freehold will be taking on the role of empowering tightly knit communities to collaborate on open protocols, starting with Stacks. Freehold is the ‘Contribution Entity’ as outlined in the Stacks ecosystem’s path to decentralization.

Freehold’s initial goal is to progress ideas and projects in the space by first encouraging active contributions to the ecosystem. These active members will later be able to earn rewards by completing various challenges related to community building, sharing educational resources, and participating in shared goals. Freehold will help newcomers learn about the inner workings of blockchains and crypto culture, as well as create a space for crypto enthusiasts to be rewarded for educating others by sharing their message.

Patrick Stanley, former Head of Growth at Blockstack PBC and now Founder and CEO at Freehold, said,

“Developers generally have an effective working model for open collaboration; tools like Github usually make it fairly clear what needs to be done and how one can contribute. At Freehold, we want to activate and empower all the other members of these open protocol communities to effectively contribute as well. We believe these supporters are vitally important and currently underserved.”

Stacks 2.0 presents a unique opportunity for people to earn Bitcoin rewards by participating in consensus. The upcoming Stacks 2.0 blockchain enables smart contracts and apps around Bitcoin and potentially unlock more innovation and experimentation in the broader Bitcoin ecosystem. Freehold will be an exciting source of such innovation as Patrick and his team explore the intersection of the future of work, open and decentralized community cooperation, and growing a new class of crypto natives.

Given the plans Blockstack PBC has to narrow its focus to developers and their specific needs, Freehold is an important and welcome addition. For the Stacks Ecosystem, this is another exciting step toward decentralization. We’re proud to see entities like the Stacks Foundation, New Internet Labs, and Daemon Technologies continue to spin up and take on important functions in service of the greater mission, while further distributing power, control, and resources.

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