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Send and Receive Stacks Tokens with the Official Stacks Wallet

We’re excited to announce the first public release of the official Stacks Wallet for macOS and Windows. This release enables holders of Stacks Tokens with unlocked balances to send and receive tokens.

To maximize security, this version of the Stacks Wallet will only send or receive Stacks when used with a hardware wallet device such as a Trezor or Ledger.

If you don’t own a hardware wallet, a watch-only wallet can be created using a Stacks address. You will not be able to send Stacks from the watch-only wallet, but we are working on a version to enable full use without a hardware wallet device. If you are a purchaser that generated a seed phrase as part of the on-boarding process, we highly recommend that you use a hardware wallet device to access your holdings.

The Stacks blockchain v1 is currently secured by proof-of-work on the Bitcoin blockchain (see Stacks blockchain v2 design proposals for details about v2 mining). In Stacks blockchain v1, there is an underlying Bitcoin transaction for every Stacks transaction. Therefore, each Stacks transaction will incur a small transaction fee paid in Bitcoin. We’ve made this easy by including a built-in Bitcoin wallet with each Stacks Wallet. Simply deposit a small amount of Bitcoin into this wallet and your Stacks transactions will be funded from it automatically.

Stacks Wallet
You can find the address of this Bitcoin wallet in the settings view.

The Stacks Wallet is fully open-source and we are inviting the community to help via GitHub contributions and code reviews. You can find the repository here: Stacks Wallet repo.

You can learn more about the Stacks Wallet on the FAQ and download it here.


Download the Stacks Wallet


For security purposes, we highly recommend that you verify the hash of your download, instructions can be found here.

Ken Liao

Ken Liao

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