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Meet TryMyUI, The Newest Independent App Mining App Reviewer

Apps built on Blockstack offer irrevocable digital identity and information ownership, a seamless login experience to all Blockstack apps, and local, user-selected encrypted storage. We’re confident we’ll see decentralized apps unlock better functionality and go beyond the status quo, but they have progress to make in the early days of user adoption. These new apps need to exceed expectations set by centralized applications if we are to see mainstream adoption and the spread of the fundamental digital rights they offer users.

The App Mining program was designed and App Reviewers chosen such that the system encourages and rewards apps for improving in areas critical to their growth and long-term sustainability. A diverse group of App Reviewers not only helps encourage apps to focus on providing value to users, but also provides critical product feedback from a range of perspectives.

Today we are pleased to announce that is joining ProductHunt and Democracy Earth as a third independent App Reviewer for App Mining. They will leverage their community to provide tangible feedback to developers on how to improve their apps as well as aggregate User Experience scores that factor into App Mining, starting with January’s ranking.

What will do?

Leveraging 1.5M application testers around the globe, decentralized apps will be reviewed and be rated on handful of dimensions:

  • Usability
  • Usefulness
  • Credibility
  • Desirability

For more info on how will produce their normalized scores, check out their blog post. As with the App Reviewers, they will submit their normalized ranking every month to be included in the App Mining aggregation algorithm for final ranking calculation. App Miners (people who build apps) will receive video walkthrough feedback from live users in return.


TryMyUI will serve App Miners in two major ways, both of which were consistent points of feedback in the last run:

  1. App Miners wanted a way to ensure people rating apps are thoroughly using them. ensures this with video evidence of their product testers working through the application.
  2. App Miners said they would like more tangible feedback to help them improve. Decentralized applications are still in early stages and getting product feedback is critical to their long-term success. directly helps apps improve with specific feedback from real people.

Whats next?

App Reviewers will be continually added during the pilot stage to see what works and what doesn’t. Other App Reviewers, like ones that ensure apps are using private Gaia storage, or are non-invasively measuring app usage, in a way that is difficult to game and doesn’t violate the core values of Blockstack, are being sought.

If you’d like to contribute to this growing ecosystem, consider learning to build a decentralized application in just an hour with our Zero-to-Dapp Tutorial. From there, sign up for App Mining to submit your application, start earning monthly payouts, and now receive free product testing courtesy of

Patrick Stanley

Patrick Stanley

Patrick Stanley is the head of growth at Blockstack. He studied Economics and Psychology at Johns Hopkins, and was the first employee at data-driven lending startup Earnest which sold to Navient for $155m in 2017. In a growth role there, he helped it scale from from 1 to 200 employees and go from $0 to $2B in originations within 3 years.