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Token Sale: Registration Extension and Pricing Update

We announced the token sale registration a week ago and are humbled by the thousands who’ve completed registration and the thousands more still in the pipeline.

We’ve received many questions about the accredited sale & have several updates. Read on and register:

Register: Accredited Investors Regsiter: Non-accredited Users

Timing update:

Thousands of accredited investors started the KYC, accreditation and wiring process and we’re processing a large backlog of user sale registrations (click latest). As a result of this and the bank holiday tomorrow, we’re extending the registration deadline to Wed, Nov 15th 3pm ET.

The new opening sale day will be Thur, Nov 16th 12PM ET.

To guarantee the option to buy on Thurs, Nov 16th, you must be accredited on CoinList AND pre-fund your account by Wed, Nov 15th. Any funds transferred can be withdrawn at any time before you make an investment.

Pricing update:

To clear up any confusion about token pricing, we’re providing more info. The default sale price is currently $0.10. This implies a $44M sale and $217M current market cap on the 2-year supply. The final sale price will be announced on Wednesday Nov 15th and may go up depending on demand. The tightened range will be between $0.10 and $0.20. Below is a chart that compares Blockstack to other similar tokens by basis point price (the price of 1/100th of a percent):

<img src=”

Founder calls:

Over the next few days, the Blockstack founders will be holding conference calls & 1-on-1 calls with accredited investors to answer questions about the sale. Sign up for a conference call or email us to request a 1-on-1.

New York update:

People or investment vehicles that are New York residents may not purchase tokens or investments in the tokens from Blockstack Token LLC. We’ve received a lot of questions about this and there is now a mailing list community for New Yorkers interested in Blockstack. This mailing list is not managed or monitored by Blockstack.

Disclaimer: The Blockstack Tokens are a crypto asset that is currently being developed by Blockstack Token LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, whose website can be found at This post does not constitute an offer or sale of Blockstack Tokens (“the Tokens”) or any other mechanism for purchasing the Tokens (such as, without limitation, a fund holding the Tokens or a simple agreement for future tokens related to the Tokens). Any offer or sale of the Tokens or any related instrument will occur only based on definitive offering documents for the Tokens or the applicable instrument.

The bar chart shown above compares what it would cost in order to buy 1 one-hundredth of a percent of all tokens minted in the first 10 years.The Zcash price of $250 is a snapshot of the price on Nov 9th, 2017. The “Filecoin (first hour)” price of $2.25 factors in a 15% discount off of $2.65 (the price during the first hour of the sale) as a result of the 2-year unlocking option. The “Filecoin (advisor sale)” price of $0.64 factors in a 15% discount off of $0.75 as a result of the 2-year unlocking option. The Tezos price of $0.39 is the effective price paid on the first day of the main sale, taking into account the 20% bonus and an average Bitcoin price of $2350 on July 1st. Two prices for a basis point of Tezos are shown – one that applies if you end up “staking” or “mining” using all of your holdings in order to avoid inflation, and one that applies if you don’t.

To emphasize, the data shown is based on prices for the tokens at particular points in time and may not reflect their current pricing, which may be higher or lower than what is shown here. There is no guarantee that the relative pricing shown will be in existence at any particular time, or that the Blockstack Tokens will be purchased at a price that is more advantageous for a particular buyer at any particular point in time.

No graph, chart, or formula can in and of itself determine which securities or other investments to buy or sell or when to buy or sell them. Potential investors should not rely on this or any other graph when making such determinations.

Ryan & Muneeb

Ryan & Muneeb

Muneeb Ali is a distributed systems PhD from Princeton and gives guest lectures on cloud computing there. He went through Y Combinator and was awarded a J. William Fulbright Fellowship.

Before Blockstack, Ryan Shea co-founded a software-as-a-service startup called GraphMuse and worked in an operations role for OmniActive Health Technologies. He received a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University with a minor in Computer Science.