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Introducing The Stacks Ecosystem Brand

Blockstack PBC is now officially Hiro Systems PBC. The change to Hiro will mark a renewed focus on developer tools for the user-owned internet on Bitcoin, while more clearly delineating the company and ecosystem.

It’s all about Stacks! Today, we’re excited to introduce the Stacks brand, including the first Stacks logo and a complete design system tailor-made to be used by all of us working together to build a user-owned internet. We’re proud of our thriving community and couldn’t be more excited about the future, especially with Stacks 2.0 soon bringing apps and smart contracts to Bitcoin.

What started as the Blockstack project came to represent a vibrant community and ecosystem, including several independent entities, the Stacks blockchain, the Stacks cryptocurrency, and more. The various parts of the ecosystem and how they connect have naturally become harder to follow in the process. As we forge ahead and welcome new people, we want to make sure that the Stacks ecosystem stands out, and it’s immediately clear what the mission is and how people can contribute. Amid ongoing decentralization, it’s essential to have something that helps readily identify and visually unite the ecosystem.

Over the past few months, we have been working with the community to establish branding that visually captures the spirit of the ecosystem. After lots of quality time spent with all of you in brainstorm sessions, several engagements with experts, and relentless testing, we’re thrilled to unveil the brand system for Stacks. The Stacks blockchain and Stacks (STX) cryptocurrency are the fundamental building blocks upon which a vibrant ecosystem is growing and now we have a brand that unites it.

Download Kit

This branding kit is a resource for the Stacks community and ecosystem.

While the company brand and logo for Blockstack PBC have naturally been used to represent many things about the ecosystem to date, the Stacks brand system was designed to communicate all that is the Stacks ecosystem, not just one company. The Stacks brand was built from the ground up to serve an ecosystem use case and makes it easy for community leaders, entities, and supporters to remix and customize assets for a wide range of use cases while remaining true to a unified brand. We see the brand as both a practical tool for the ecosystem as well as a celebration of the incredible community that has mobilized in support of the project over the years.

As we move forward, we invite the community to share in our collective story-telling by using this cohesive branding system. This brand gives us the united banner we can all fly under together as we do our part to accomplish the mission of building a user-owned internet on Bitcoin.


Check out the Stacks brand FAQ.

Jeff Domke

Jeff Domke

Jeff leads product at Blockstack. Previously he was CPO and the first hire at CompStak (real estate analytics) where he helped grow the user base 125x, hire 50 team members, and raise 22M in funding. He also previously cofounded Signal (CX analytics) and (consumer messaging).