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Stacks is now on Blockfolio Signal

You can now follow Stacks on Blockfolio and receive important updates! If you’re already a Blockfolio user, it’s as easy as making sure you’ve added your STX holdings to a portfolio or visited STX in the app and hit ‘Watch’. Once you’ve done that, you’ll receive ‘Signals’ right to your phone with important Stacks ecosystem news, technical updates, and community initiatives.

Signal works similarly to Twitter, but just for updates on crypto-assets/projects. A key difference is that each ‘Signal’ post is attributed to a person Blockfolio has verified to be in a leadership position with key entities in the ecosystems or companies behind the project. It’s a great way to stay in the know via verified sources without being overwhelmed with too much content.

Members of the Blockstack PBC (soon to be Hiro) leadership team and the independent Stacks Foundation will be sharing news via Signal starting this week, so stay tuned!

Muneeb Ali

Mitchell Cuevas

Mitchell is Blockstack PBC’s Head of Growth. He previously led Marketing at UP Global (Startup Weekend, Startup Digest, Startup Week) before joining the Product team at Techstars. He curates the Martech Digest, advises at Cove Group, and runs ScreenChecker.