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Can’t Be Evil Contest: Part 2 | More Cash and Prizes for App Developers

At the beginning of May we announced the start of a new movement to take a stand against the broken promises and anti-user practices of big tech companies. We firmly planted our flag in the backyard of the likes of Google, and challenged you to build applications that “Can’t Be Evil”.

cant be evil

The response was incredible: Over 300 individuals joined forces to create almost 60 new applications for the first ever Can’t Be Evil contest. Check out all the apps here or meet the winners.

Announcing the Can’t Be Evil Contest: Part 2

Today, we are excited to announce the start of a new contest: Can’t Be Evil: Part 2.

Along with our esteemed judges; Katherine Wu, Former Head of Business Development at Messari, Ryan Hoover, Founder of Product Hunt, and Jeremy Welch, Founder of Casa, we’re selecting the top dapps in the 3 new categories below, and supplying them with prize money as well as opportunities and experiences that will be helpful in continued development.

Prize preview:

  • $5,000 for 1st place in each category, additional cash for 2nd and 3rd prizes
  • Ongoing payouts from App Mining for every entrant (currently App Mining rewards $100K every month across all apps)
  • Free tickets to the upcoming Blockstack Summit 2019, including round trip airfare and lodging covered by Blockstack.
  • Blockstack Swag Package (includes a backpack, t-shirt, hooded sweatshirt, and stickers).
  • more!

Join the ‘Can’t Be Evil Contest: Part 2’ by submitting an app that is private by default, leaves the user in full control of their data, and protects their fundamental digital rights. In other words, submit a Blockstack application and take your first steps into a growing ecosystem that is flipping the current status quo on its head. You’ll not only be eligible to win the prizes shown above but also to receive ongoing monthly payouts via App Mining. Even better, payouts for August were doubled, meaning $200,000 will be paid out to app developers along with 10 bonuses of $1000 each for the best new apps.


Due Date: August 28th, 2019 at 11:45pm EST

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Xan Ditkoff

Xan Ditkoff

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